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Navigate vast oceans of biomolecular data with


Magellan has developed COMPASS, an AI analysis software

that matches the data output of today's Mass Spec instruments

We’re Changing What's Possible in Mass Spec data analysis

Magellan has solved the data overload problem in Mass Spec.  Our analysis software, named COMPASS, matches current instruments' data output, allowing users to keep and analyze all available data, and quickly zero in on which data are important

Considering all the data allows for unbiased research, faster and easier discoveries, more publications, drug targets, successful clinical trials, and better science

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Image by Matteo Bernardis

Magellan has solved the data overload problem for mass Spec-based omics

Our software matches current instruments' massive data output capabilities, allowing comparative analysis of millions of datapoints per sample, and across large numbers of samples.

Magellan evaluates mass spec omics datasets in their entirety

The unrestricted evaluation of entire mass spec datasets eliminates bias towards specific subsets of molecules, prevents data gaps, and facilitates novel and unexpected findings.

Magellan's software identifies which sections of data set are relevant to the biological question

Magellan's analytical tools are rapid

Our software is designed to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery by making information extraction fast and presenting information with interactive and customizable visual outputs.

Magellan allows for real integration of different omics approaches

Magellan’s tools work for different mass spec-based omics; perform seamless and simultaneous-- not separate and parallel-- analysis of proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics dataset. Total integration with sequencing-based omics datasets is coming in 2024.

Sample Process


Run your mass spec as desired

Working with MZML files, our COMPASS software is instrument and method agnostic. 


Analyze entire data set with COMPASS

Before discarding any data, apply COMPASS to the entire data set, allowing it to find what data are relevant to your biological question


If desired, perform further analytical inquiry

Once COMPASS has identified which data are significant, further MS or more specialized software may be employed

Please click below to learn more about COMPASS, how it works, and how it can help your research

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