Magellan Bioanalytics is seeking to transform proteomics.  We are developing next-gen software that allows analysis of mass spec data on a scale not previously seen.   


With this software, we are developing a proteomics database of cancer immunotherapy patients with an eye toward greatly improving drug discovery and precision medicine.  Our goal is to then expand our database to include all of oncology and beyond. 


We believe the information in this database has the potential to greatly improve drug development, as well as predict, diagnose, stage, and recommend treatment for a variety of diseases.


Marc Hansen (CEO, CSO), PhD in Cancer Biology, Stanford University. A professor and entrepreneur, Marc formerly founded Frost Biologic, an oncology drug discovery company, and built the BIO-Innovation Ecosystem at BYU.


Dan Olsen (CTO), PhD in Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania.  Dan has 40 years of experience in developing AI and machine learning; IP consultant for tech companies in fortune 100; investment analyst and consultant for tech investment firms.


Marc Oddou (CBO). Marc previously founded Rincon Bio, a cancer drug discovery CRO; former Biotech Market Analyst at Informa PLC; drug discovery bench researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  BS Biotechnology (BYU), MBA (University of Utah).

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