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Beyond Mass Spec

Analyzing large biomolecular datasets is the future of biology. But integrating the data from different types of biomolecular datasets, particularly mass spec data with DNA sequencing-based data, is a challenge.


Magellan Bioanalytics can convert DNA sequencing-based information (FastQ files) into a data format that makes integrated analysis with mass spec and other quantitative data not only possible, but easy.


Currently, researchers perform mas spec and sequencing analysis separately using different tools and then compare the results. In some instances, results from analysis of one biomolecular dataset constrains the analysis of other bio-molecular datasets, introducing bias and reducing the amount of data analyzed.


Our tools allow for sequencing-based and mass spec datasets from the same samples to be analyzed as one. Biological connections between metabolomic, lipidomic, proteomic, and genomic datapoints can be rapidly identified.


The era of combinatorial analysis of large biomolecular datasets is here.

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