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The COMPASS Community

Magellan welcomes you to the COMPASS Community! 

COMPASS is currently launching on a limited bases.  First users are being invited from among those who have previously subscribed for email updates, or registering their interest below.

Invited users may purchase a license and access COMPASS software via a Magellan representative.


To use the COMPASS software, users can upload mass spec (MZML) files, along with a sample information dataset (CSV) file that contains any number of sample parameters to be considered in the analysis.  Users can then create one or more workbooks to analyze the mass spec data in relation to any or all of the parameters in their sample information dataset.  Detailed instructions are included in the software, and Magellan personnel are available to answer questions. More details on COMPASS can be found here.

Additionally, soon, users can sign up for a free account that will give access to a digital sandbox where Magellan-provided sample data can be used to trial the software. 

Please continue below to register interest in COMPASS.

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