Magellan Bioanalytics translates proteomics information in blood serum into human health information. Blood contains millions of proteins, peptides, and proteolytic protein byproducts from all ongoing cellular processes in the body. As health changes, it is reflected in increases and/or decreases of these biomolecules.  


At Magellan we think of ourselves as biomedical archaeologists: sifting through piles of discarded and broken artifacts in the garbage heap of a civilization to discover markers for processes that we cannot directly see. By combining mass-spectrometry and machine learning, we can discover indicators of a variety of conditions in the human body.


Magellan's technology has proven itself useful in identifying markers for a broad range of indications, all of which are determined from the same blood sample.  Thus, thousands of analyses can be run against a single blood sample with minimal increase in cost.


Our goal is to develop a single serum-based assay that can predict, diagnose, stage, and recommend treatment for a variety of diseases simultaneously. 


Marc Hansen (CEO, CSO), PhD in Cancer Biology, Stanford University. A professor and entrepreneur, Marc formerly founded Frost Biologic, an oncology drug discovery company, and built the BIO-Innovation Ecosystem at BYU.


Dan Olsen (CTO), PhD in Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania.  Dan has 40 years of experience in developing AI and machine learning; IP consultant for tech companies in fortune 100; investment analyst and consultant for tech investment firms.


Marc Oddou (CBO). Marc previously founded Rincon Bio, a cancer drug discovery CRO; former Biotech Market Analyst at Informa PLC; drug discovery bench researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  BS Biotechnology (BYU), MBA (University of Utah).

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