Magellan Bioanalytics generates human health data from analysis of the "hidden proteome”, a fraction of human serum that contains >30,000 potential biomarkers.  Our proprietary technology has successfully identified biomarkers that predict or stage disease in various indications, from breast cancer to Alzheimer's.

Our current partnerships discussions are centered around identifying biomarkers that guide Alzheimer's drug development, and markers that predict patient response to cancer immunotherapy.

We are actively looking for additional partnerships to leverage our technology in other areas of human health.

THE HIDDEN PROTEOME: Our unique data source

The contents of the blood are a window into the health of the organism

The story is mainly told in a small fraction of the serum: the “Hidden Proteome”

Why the Hidden Proteome can deliver high quality markers:

  • Contains a large number of unique species: 30k to 35k peptides, small molecules, and lipids, which are "hidden" by high abundance proteins

  • Unlike DNA, the contents of the Hidden Proteome dynamically change and reflect the current health of the individual


Magellan holds a patent to only known ‘hidden proteome’ analysis method - called COMPASS

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COMPASS has achieved: 

  • Identification of biomarkers that predict onset of Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth, and which diagnose or stage Alzheimer's Disease, Endometriosis, and Breast Cancer metastasis 

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