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Magellan's software is bringing bioanalytics into the big data era

All things considered.

No one else analyzes proteomic and sequencing data at the scale of Magellan Bioanalytics. In the proteomics world, analyzing a few thousand data points is considered big data; however, Magellan is changing the rules by analyzing millions of data points per sample.  Furthermore, Magellan is running machine learning on combined proteomic and genomic data sets.


Magellan's tools consider the entire proteomic and genomic content, no matter how complex. Proteomic nalysis is unbiased, taking into account both known and unknown molecules. Huge datasets are rapidly extracted to catalog data with biological connections. Then, relationships between these individual high-information data points are defined to generate specific, sensitive, and robust biometric profiles.

Information overload in bioanalytics is over. Magellan's computational tools match the data output of cutting edge mass spectrometry and sequencing instruments. New experimental approaches are now possible and more challenging questions can be solved.


Magellan pushes the limits of data scale:


Data points per subject


Benefits of Magellan's
data scale

Protein & Genomic Wide Association Studies

Like modern genomics, where GWAS studies connect DNA to biology regardless of location, Magellan's tools connect biomolecules and genetic information to biology without restricted or biased searching.  We call it pan-agnostic bioanalytics.

Speed of discovery

At Magellan's data scale, fewer samples are required to catalog molecules or genes with biological connections and achieve robust and reliable biometric profiles. Fewer samples means reduced time and money required for discovery.

Discovery of novel biology

Magellan's tools consider previously unknown molecules alongside well-characterized species. Discovery of unexpected and unknown biological connections becomes the norm.

Highly stable biometric signatures

Proteomic signatures discovered using Magellan's tools are based on large panels of markers. Since each marker has minimal individual importance, the profile is highly stable when used to assess new samples.

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