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Magellan's AI software is solving the big-data problem in mass spec, allowing the discovery of previously hidden biology

COMPASS Software

We’re Changing What's Possible in Mass Spec Research

Magellan designs software for analysis of large biomolecular datasets, particularly those derived from mass spectrometry. With technological leaps in mass-spec instrumentation, Magellan’s software provides the computational tools to rapidly analyze massive mass-spec data flows.


Magellan’s analytics can consider the entire data output of the most advanced mass spec instruments. It allows comparative proteomics, lipidomics, and/or metabolomics experiments with thousands of samples. It will facilitate seamless integration of mass-spec datasets with sequencing-based datasets. What took months or years of data analysis can now be accomplished in days, even with limited prior mass spec experience. 


Rapid, large-scale analysis of mass spec data makes different experimental approaches possible and increases the chances for novel discovery. Identify every mass spec features connected to a biological question first, then characterize their molecular identity. Analyze datasets large enough to detect relevant differences connected to the most subtle biology. Let Magellan’s COMPASS software transform your research...


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COMPASS Software:

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Who is COMPASS for?

Magellan's COMPASS software opens new horizons of discovery for those who are…

Inexperienced with mass-spec experiments

COMPASS software makes proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics readily accessible to non-mass-spec experts...

Are you interested in probing your biological samples with mass spec-based approaches to develop key biological insights, but also been stymied by a lack of experience with mass-spec instrumentation?


COMPASS software makes analysis of mass-spec datasets rapid and user friendly, even to those that have no mass spec instrument time. With COMPASS software, you can send your samples for routine LC-MS analysis, upload the resulting data onto the COMPASS server, and extract the information hidden in all of that data, all without a doctorate in biochemistry.


Confident with mass-spec, but drowning in too much data

COMPASS software can rapidly reveal the information hidden in large mass spec experiments…

Have you been using mass-spec for years, diligently producing massive numbers of mass-spec output files only to become overwhelmed with the analysis of large experiments? Or, perhaps you are a mass-spec expert that performs experiments producing large of numbers of files, only to find you spend years of analysis time at a computer screen for every month at the bench.


COMPASS software is designed to rapidly generate insights from comparisons of results from thousands, even tens of thousands, of individual mass-spec files. Use COMPASS to make data analysis on your mass spec research quick and easy. And get back to doing experiments.


Frustrated by the limitations of existing computational tools 

Are you frustrated that your mass spec experiments fail to yield clear results? Or are you disappointed knowing that you are sacrificing data for molecular identities? Perhaps you struggle knowing that analysis of a limited number well-characterized molecular species is unlikely to generate novel insights?


COMPASS software is designed for feature-first analysis of mass-spec data, analyzing millions of potential datapoints to identify those relevant to your biological question. Analysis of more data, of all of the data, enhances the opportunity for discovery and maximizes signals associated with important biology.

COMPASS can rapidly find subtle signals in mass spec data, even within large datasets…

Example Applications

Discover Novel Biology

Stratify trial participants

Develop Companion Dx

Identify Drug Targets

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